Community Arts Phoenixville offers classes for a wide range of artists, from young to old, beginning to seasoned, including long-term and drop-in options depending on your availability. We employ a diverse group of Teaching Artists, who offer classes in many different mediums.


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Adult Classes

Taking a class is a great way to experience an in-depth exploration of a medium or topic. Adult Classes are paid for by the session, and are open to everyone ages 16 years and older.

Youth & Teen Classes

Youth & Teen Classes are a great way for creative kids to focus on a specific topic or medium of interest, and are geared to ages 8-15 years. Youth & Teen Classes are paid for by the session, with all materials are included.

Drop-In Classes

Drop-In Classes are designed to offer an alternative to the traditional class schedule. Such classes are shorter in length, flexible in commitment, and lower in cost. Drop-In Classes are paid for by the class. Each week will explore a new project. Projects are designed for beginner levels but can be adjusted to meet the skills of each individual.