Kristen Pell

Kristen Pell

Manager, Community Arts Phoenixville

Kristen Pell received her BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 2010 but has loved art all her life. She has been blessed to combine this love with her passion for working with people in all her career experiences. Kristen has experience in therapeutic recreation, art education, and art curating. She has taught art to all ages and abilities, from day cares to retirement communities. Kristen has been a part of Camphill Soltane since 2015 and Community Arts Phoenixville since it’s creation.

View Kristen's work at www.kristenpellart.com.


Danielle Cowan

Soltane General Manager

Danielle Cowan joined Camphill Soltane in 2011, and after traveling across the country in an RV, returned to become the General Manager of Soltane. As a central aspect of her work, Danielle oversees Soltane's Enterprises, including the Soltane Café, Entwine, Sol Kitchen, and Community Arts Phoenixville. She is passionate about local artisans, makers, local businesses, yoga, and radical inclusivity.