Open Workshops

Workshops vary in length from a few hours to a few days. They are more intensive than classes and are a great chance to explore a new medium, technique, or topic. Generally each workshop focuses on a specific project. All supplies are included and participants will leave the workshop with a completed piece and a new skill. Depending on the topic some workshops require registration while others are drop-in friendly!

Community Arts Phoenixville


Community Programs

Community Arts Phoenixville offers many ongoing programs per season, where you are free to drop in and participate! These programs have some structure and materials provided, but are more focused on community building & getting to know one another. 




Classes meet weekly and range in length from 5-10 weeks, and run on a seasonal schedule with a Fall Term, Winter Term, Spring Term, and Summer Term. Taking a class is a great way to experience an in-depth exploration of a specific medium or topic.

Community Arts Phoenixville