Flaming Firebirds and Phoenix Hatchlings!

Flaming Firebirds and Phoenix Hatchlings!


Adult Workshops:

  • Friday, Nov 16, 7-9pm

  • Saturday, Nov 17, 12–2pm

Kids & Parents Workshops:

  • Saturday, Nov 3, 12-1:30 pm

Community Arts Phoenixville is continuing the Phoenixville tradition of creating clay birds for the Firebird Fest. Join Brad Hagmayer in these workshops to learn how to make your own Phoenix hatchlings! All birds will be fired in the belly of the Firebird bonfire during the event and can be picked up afterwards.

$30 per clay bird*, all materials included.

*This year we are charging by bird rather than by person, as we had many requests for two people to attend the workshop and make one bird together. This is allowed, however we strongly encourage that you register per person, and that each person make their own bird. It’s really more fun!

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