Play with Clay with Trisha Taylor

Play with Clay with Trisha Taylor


July 8th-12th, 10:30am-12pm

August 5th-9th, 10:30-12pm

for ages 8-13

In this class, young artists will learn how to create pinch pot forms, throwing slabs and building clay forms.  We will start off by having each student create a pinch pots blindfolded! This is a fun and silly way for young artists to understand that feeling the thickness of clay is more important than seeing the clay. After creating pieces with the pinch pots, we will move on to create ceramic sculptures, vases, bowls and other pieces, based on the class interests all while the student use their new information on clay to refine their artworks.  Each student will choose their glazes, glaze their own works and take home wonderful ceramic pieces after the final kiln fire.


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