Sacred Sound Shamanic Journey

Sacred Sound Shamanic Journey


Monday, March 18th, 7-8pm

Shamanic journeys use sound, song, and rhythm to lull us into a dreamy meditative state in which the subconscious can roam free and process important information. This particular journey features the pure tones of crystal singing bowls layered with etheric mantra chanting by local Sound Healer, Kim Horstman. These sounds pass through the body at the cellular level which produces a deeply harmonized state in the body, mind, and spirit. This form of healing has been widely practiced by ancient cultures, and modern science is now confirming its efficacy. We can see that sounds directly affect our brainwaves as well as the vibratory patterns of the atoms that comprise our physical bodies. In a spiritual sense, sound healing helps to release energy blockages and restore our energy-body to a natural state of balance and flow. The easiest way to understand it is to experience it for yourself! You will awake from this journey feeling like someone hit the "reset" button on your general state of wellbeing. Consider this a chance to slow down, tune-in, and be blissed-out by one of the world's oldest healing practices. 

$22/person, all materials included

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