Yoga & Bjork: Embracing Fearless Self Expression Workshop

Yoga & Bjork: Embracing Fearless Self Expression Workshop


Thursday, Oct 18, 6:30-8pm

Join Kim Horstman for this creative sequence to cultivate the bold courage behind true self-expression. As artists, our creativity is powered by our ability to express our true feelings through a limitless variety of mediums. In Yoga, the channel for self-expression is governed by the Throat Chakra. This center is where our thoughts, intuition, emotions, and past experiences converge and become translated into art, speech, song, dance, etc. We will flow through a brilliantly weird and unique sequence of poses to tap into that center of self-expression. Through movement and mindfulness, we will challenge any limiting beliefs that hold us back from truly unlocking our power for artistic expression.

In honor of wholey authentic, fearless expression, we will move through this flow to the unique sounds of Bjork. Her vision for capturing the complex essence of humanity and nature will inspire our movement and our journey to express ourselves with self-love and courage. You will leave this workshop feeling a sense of energetic renewal towards your unique self, your emotions, and your creativity. This workshop is open to beginners, although some prior experience is recommended.

$25, must pre-register.

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