Youth Classes

Taking a class is a great way to experience an in-depth exploration of a medium or topic. Youth Classes are a great way for creative kids to focus on a specific topic or medium of interest, and are geared to ages 8-15 years. Classes are paid for by the session.

Winter Session Classes run for 8 weeks, January 14th - March 9th

*NEW* Intro to Drawing for Kids with Trisha Taylor

Mondays, 4-5:30pm, Jan 14th - March 4th

Youth Class (8-15yrs old)

This class will focus on teaching young artists basic drawing skills. We will work with line and value to create realistic forms and learn various ways to create value and shading using artist pencils and blending sticks. We will experience as a class how art is not dependent on talent, but instead on learned skills and techniques. Each artists will create artworks where they are able to draw from observation and eventually a self portrait using a mirror. Your child will love this program and will leave feeling like a genuine artist. All skill levels welcome. 

$150/8 week session, all materials included

Cartooning for Teens & Pre-Teens with Brooke Steytler

Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm, Jan 15th - March 5th

Youth Class (12-16 years old)

Build on the basic elements of cartooning and animation including developing characters, crafting comic strips, and planning storyboards. Students will be encouraged to create a complete comic book or short animated project. Students are welcome to bring their own ipads and tablets if able to explore the basics of digital animation. Students will learn to bring their original ideas and stories to life in individual and group projects!  

$150/8-week session, all materials included.

Ceramics for Homeschoolers - Handbuilding with Kelly Swenson

Wednesdays, 10-11am, Jan 16th - March 6th

Youth Class (9-13 yrs old)

In this class, students will use clay to explore their imagination while learning the basics of ceramics.

$175/8-week session, all materials included.

Play with Art! A Parent & Child Class with Michelle Schamis

Thursdays, 9:30-11am, Jan 17th - March 7th

Parent & Child Class (2-5yrs old)

Time for 90 minutes of fun! Enjoy your little ones first introduction to the world of art and expression. We will explore mediums like mixing paint, using crayons, sculpting with modeling clay, and printing masterpieces for you to frame. A great way to learn and meet other caregivers and kids through the process of creation. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

This class is for ages 2-5 years old with a parent/caregiver.

$125/8-week session, all materials included.

Cartooning and Animation with Brooke Steytler

Saturdays, 10-11:30am, Jan 19th - March 9th

Youth Class (8-15 years old)

Explore all the elements of cartooning and animation from character designs, to comic strips, to making your drawings move and come to life!

$150/8-week session, all materials included.

*NEW* Ceramics for Kids with Trisha Taylor

Saturdays, 12-1:30pm, Jan 19th - March 9th

Youth Class (8-15yrs old)

In this class, young artists will learn how to create pinch pot forms and pedal bowls. We will start off by having each student create a pinch pot blind folded! Students always look forward to this step in my classes and will have a great time. This is a fun and silly way for young artists to understand that feeling the thickness of clay is more important than seeing the clay. After creating pieces with the pinch pots, we will move on to create pedal bowls, learning all the while how to use clay to create forms. As the class moves along, the students will use their new understanding of clay to create a piece that interests them. Each student will choose their glazes and take home wonderful ceramic pieces after the final kiln fire.  

$175/8 week session, all materials included